the sensible
networking choice

Every business now knows that the future of work is a hybrid of online and offline activities. Networking is no different and, with Meeow, you can maximise the benefit of your time spent, online.

join in August for 30 days free Note4

4 person format

4 people is, quite simply, the best number for the best networking experience, online.


new business

Tap into the power of networking to win new business through the power of referrals.



With a Meeow starting every hour, you have the flexibility to network whenever it suits you.


save the planet

Fewer networking journeys means a vastly reduced carbon footprint. We can all feel good about that.



Your greatest collaborator could be in your next Meeow. You just haven’t met them yet.


save money

Less travel and a very affordable subscription, means you spend far less on your networking.


save time

Don’t sit in traffic, stay where you are and sit on Meeow instead.


wider reach

Because Meeow is always on, you can speak to people from around the corner, or around the world.



Networking isn’t just about new business, it’s also about a growing network of people helping each other succeed.

how does Meeow compare

So how does Meeow stack up against other forms of
networking? Pretty well actually!

Available 24/7    
Small group format  
Instant introductions   
AI driven matching   
Hostless functionality    
Interactive conversations starters   
Global reach   
Last minute booking   
On-screen guidance    

the new way to network is here.

join hundreds of other networkers just like you on meeow today.

join in August for 30 days free watch demo
  • Designed to build stronger networks
  • 4 people, 1 hour, endless possibilities
  • Networking 24/7, 365
  • Better results through better matches
  • Business networking for newbies and experts alike
  • Network worldwide or around the corner
  • Easy follow-up options
  • Make better connections with 4
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