Why Transparency And Open Communication Are The Best Recipe For Success 4

why transparency and open communication are the best recipe for success

The current geo-political situation, mounting international tensions, and diplomatic failures have left the world in a precarious state. Why has this happened? And what can we learn from the current situation?

Firstly, this is nothing new. The world is in constant and perpetual change, with the dramatic ebbs and flows of left- and right-wing governments, of uprisings and suppression. But one thing that will never change is the apparent refusal of the two sides of conflict to listen and fully understand what the other is saying.

These lessons must be learned. Now we can’t influence this on a global scale but, as business owners, we can at least use our influence to learn these lessons in business. So, here’s the meeow guide to communication in the business world.

communicating as a business

Open conversations are the key to a successful business.

Internally, they help to build trust with colleagues, keeping people engaged and helping them to understand that what they do and what they say really matters.

If the senior management team is open and honest about the plans for the business, then employees will see the bigger picture and the part that they have to play in it.

For small business owners and solopreneurs, these open conversations need to take place between the biggest stakeholders – the customer and clients.

Being clear and transparent with your communications, and admitting when mistakes are made, builds those good old fashioned “know, like, and trust” factors which are vital to successful businesses.

Open communication builds loyalty – loyal staff and loyal customers. People feel as though they are being listened to and that their opinion matters. That if they raise an issue it will be heard and acted upon to reach a resolution.

Back up your comms with tangible actions. It’s very easy to lose the trust of those around you with emails packed with empty promises. If there’s an issue, don’t just acknowledge it, do something about it. Work with the people around you to solve it, get feedback on the best course of action, and make sure that your stakeholders are involved.

Recognise the real difference between listening and actually hearing. And when people feel that they are not being heard, and you’re not acting when issues arise, it leads to disengagement and disappointment. Everybody loses in the end.

It’s important to know where to draw the line with your communications. Talking openly about issues that directly affect customers is one thing. Airing your dirty laundry and personal distress is different and needs to be addressed with a degree of caution and understanding.

using open communication in networking

Effective networking involves building trust, fast. Being seen to be open and then delivering with honest, thoughtful input is critical.

We all need an outlet and a drum to bang but it’s important that we don’t see our opinions as the only game in town. Not everyone is going to agree with you and, like it or not, it’s important to acknowledge other points of view.

If you are at odds, even on something close to your heart, it’s not necessary for people to change their views to suit you. Disagreement doesn’t have to mean dispute or disgust. It’s a lesson worth learning.

Collaboration and cooperation are the best ways to work and networking only proves this as the referrals and recommendations begin to come in. If you’re open, honest and amenable, you’ll cultivate an army of cheerleaders, telling anyone who’ll listen how great you are.

Why not come and try out that open communication in a community of small business owners in the same boat as you? Just book your next meeow, and try out that pitch today!

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