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we’re all cool for cats on meeow this april!

After some extensive feedback and some really interesting focus group, we’re delighted to announce the latest step in our business journey.

Today we launch MEEOW FOR MEOWS. Online networking for cats!

“We think that this is such a purr-fect move for meeow,” said meeow co-founder Chris Rabbitt. “Everyone we have spoken with has been so paws-itive about networking for cats that we are sure it has legs… and a tail!”

Research shows that it wasn’t just humans who suffered from loneliness during lockdown and evidence suggests that cats still haven’t fully recovered. As cat lovers ourselves, we think this is a cat-astrophe and we want to do something to help. What better than meeows dedicated to those who meow.

Following the same format as a regular meeow, each session will bring together four cats on the platfrom, with 40 minutes to purr their way to a sociable cattitude!

Rabbitt continued “Post-pandemic we don’t want any cats feline sad. If they can log onto our platform and find fur-miliar faces, then that’s great. We’re not kitten around with this launch!”

If you’d like to find out more about networking in small groups on meeow for either you or your cat, then sign up for our 14 day free trial. Or just login and book your next meeting today.

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