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How green is your networking

When you think about combating climate change, your networking habits might not be the first thing that spring to mind. Read on to see how tweaking your business habits can help save the planet.

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we’re all cool for cats on meeow this april!
Networking For Introverts 3 1
how to get the best out of networking as an introvert
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tell stories, make connections and raise money for comic relief
Why Transparency And Open Communication Are The Best Recipe For Success 4
why transparency and open communication are the best recipe for success
Stop Your Business Failing BLOG POST Scaled
how to stop your small business from failing
Not Your Type Header Image BLOG POST Scaled
“they’re not my type!” why networking without your ideal client still a good thing.
Meeow Newsletter Header How To Get Clients From Networking Feb22 BLOG
5 important tips to get clients from networking
Meeow Newsletter Header New Year Jan22 BLOG
new year, same you… and that’s not a bad thing
Meeow Networking Time Management1 2
gb shared members benefit from new partnership
Meeow Networking Time Management1 2
meeow accredited by the good business charter
Meeow 21102092 LOW 890X664
how to follow up after a meeow
Meeow 21102092 LOW 890X664
how to use meeow as a larger company
Meeow 21102092 LOW 890X664
how to close a meeow
Meeow 211020135 LOW
how to introduce a topic
Meeow 21102092 LOW 890X664
how to revive a flagging networking meeting
Meeow 21102092 LOW 890X664
how to challenge… nicely
Meeow 21102092 LOW 890X664
how to refer others in a meeow
Meeow 21102092 LOW 890X664
creating your networking environment
Meeow 211020104 LOW
2 minutes – listening is important
Meeow 211020104 LOW
how to ask for what you want
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2 minutes – how to introduce yourself


what the meeowist community is saying

meeow has helped me grow and develop my business in the past year. Being able to build meaningful relationships straight away, has also meant that receiving referrals has happened so much quicker. 80% of my clients have either come directly from meeow or from referrals.
Aidan Campbell HawX Branding
Meeow isn’t just the best way of networking online, it’s the best way of networking full stop. I’ve made much more meaningful connections that I ever have with big-group, face-to-face events.
Jon King Envisuals
“I have 3 small children so it can be very difficult for me to get out to in-person networking events. “I love meeow as I can jump into a networking event whenever I have a spare minute and without feeling intimidated as there’s only 4 people there.”
Anna Iveson Wordistry

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