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Simon Glenn

Company Director

Leeds, UK

Meeow Ltd


Tell us a little about you as a person?

I'm an ex-Graphic Designer, ex- teenage father and ex-semi pro rugby player. I had reasonable GCSE results, terrible A-Level results and missed University. Now I love mountain-biking, spinning, documentaries and clothes shopping.... oh, and my girlfriend Debs, my son Jay and my Ma & Pa. I don't read, I eat too late and I'm 3 months stopped smoking.

Now tell us a little about your business?

I invented Meeow by accident at the start of lockdown. Far too many online networking events achieved nothing for my business and having lost a client as a direct result of lockdown, I needed to replace them asap.

It struck me that no more than 4 people could have a meeting online, with everyone's microphone switched on and still have a good conversation. So that's what I started, a networking opportunity with just 4 people in the room. Then I thought, why shouldn't this be possible every hour? The rest is history.


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