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Freelance Chat for Creative Rebels


Maybe you're a creative rebel looking for some peer-to-peer time, or you're a small-yet-might business looking for a freelancer to help you out on your next project. Either way this weekly Meeow is for you! Meet other creative-industry freelancers (and maybe your next client). Share the highs and lows of business life with other people who get it! Make that big ol' freelance world feel a little less lonesome for a while. I hope to see you there!


Check-in and introductions (5m)

What's on your plate? (20m)

Open, active chat: the group steers where we go! (30m)

Thanks and see ya later! (5m)

About your Host

Hey, I'm Tom! I'm a designer, coach, husband, parent, and full-time carer. A lot, huh? I'm also a musician, coffee nerd, cocktail adventurist, and horror fan. Oh, and an AFOL, too. I love meeting new people and having conversations that run off the traditional course. Standard getting to know you patter? Never.

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