1,000 meeows an hour

With meeow you only have to worry about your schedule.

You can book ahead or just drop in because meeows start every hour, right on your screen. And it doesn't matter how many people are on the platform at the same time, we have space for everyone!

4 is the 'magic number'

Large groups of people just can’t talk to one another; not properly, not online. So meeow takes those thousands of people and matches them into groups of just 4.

4 people, meeting for the first time for 1 hour, can actually talk, hear one another’s stories and really find out whether they can help one another. They might even work together.

click. any hour, on the hour

Because meeow only needs 4 people to create a meeting, we can offer that opportunity every hour of every day.

This on-demand way of networking means that there can be 100s of meetings going on every hour, creating big opportunities from small groups.

no host? no problem

There's no need for a human host on meeow, because the meeting room does it all automatically with on-screen messages and timers.

It's designed so no one person can dominate the room, leaving plenty of space for everyone to get to know each other and their businesses.

MEEOW On Macbook 17

start making new connections today

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new world thinking

save time. save money. save the planet.

We all know how much time and money we saved through the move to remote working during the pandemic. Now meeow can help you to run your business more efficiently and sustainably, without sacrificing valuable networking opportunities. Just log on and meet people in minutes!

perfect for the new hybrid business world

No one wants face-to-face networking to come to an end, not even us. Instead, meeow is here to enhance the hybrid approach of online and in-person, the future of work. Which allows you to make the most of every flexible networking opportunity.


what the meeowist community
is saying

“I have 3 small children so it can be very difficult for me to get out to in-person networking events. “I love meeow as I can jump into a networking event whenever I have a spare minute and without feeling intimidated as there’s only 4 people there.”
Anna Iveson Wordistry
Meeow isn’t just the best way of networking online, it’s the best way of networking full stop. I’ve made much more meaningful connections that I ever have with big-group, face-to-face events.
Jon King Envisuals
meeow has helped me grow and develop my business in the past year. Being able to build meaningful relationships straight away, has also meant that receiving referrals has happened so much quicker. 80% of my clients have either come directly from meeow or from referrals.
Aidan Campbell HawX Branding

the new way to network is here.

join hundreds of other networkers just like you on meeow today.

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  • Designed to build stronger networks
  • 4 people, 1 hour, endless possibilities
  • Networking 24/7, 365
  • Better results through better matches
  • Business networking for newbies and experts alike
  • Network worldwide or around the corner
  • Easy follow-up options
  • Make better connections with 4
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