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frequently asked questions

here are just a few of the questions we’ve been asked about Meeow.

a: As often as you want! A new round of Meeows starts every hour, on the hour and no matter how many people want to meet at any one time, Meeow will sort them into rooms of no more than 4. There’s no limit to the number of Meeows you can attend either so, you can Meeow whenever you like, as often as you like, 24 hours a day.

a: Meeow has been designed specifically to run a 1 hour networking meeting, between 4 people and give all the prompts and timings that style of meeting needs, automatically. Everyone will have their chance to introduce themselves in a guided 2 min introduction and there are many interactive tools to help you all feel comfortable and get to know one another. You don’t need a host, you just need Meeow.

a: This is an easy one. Zoom or Teams don’t introduce you to anyone. You need to find those 3 new people yourself, make the arrangement to meet, compare diaries, send out an invitation link and then get together, some time next week or next month. With Meeow, you can meet up to 3 new people with a single click, and you can do it again and again, every hour of every day. Simples.

a: Anyone who’s looking to make new connections, especially micro-businesses (1 person businesses), small businesses and business development people. Whether that’s for new business, support, advice, collaboration or just to practice their networking skills. Meeow is a safe place for newbie networkers and anyone who’s shied away from networking face-to-face for one reason or another.

a: At Meeow, we’re firm believers in the fact that you don’t know who you need to meet. You may think that speaking to an HR consultant, a social media manager and a printer won’t help your accountancy business, but you don’t know who those new people know. Most people know at least 200 people they could recommend you to and in fact, the social media manager might be married to your perfect client. You never know.

Beyond that, Meeow is measuring your interactions all the time and taking your feedback on the people you’ve met. Every time you login to Meeow, we’ll use AI to compare you with the other Meeowists waiting to meet and decide who should meet who. Then it’s over to you to make those new connections understand who you are, what you do and who you’d like to speak to.

a: I’m sure you’ve attended a video meeting with lots of people present? How much chance did you get to talk? How many new people did you meet and speak to for any length of time? Not many right? That’s why the maximum number of people on any Meeow is just 4. When just 4 people meet for an hour, you all have the opportunity to understand, be understood and find ways to help one another in a way you’ve probably never experienced before. 4 really is the magic number!

a: A Meeow subscription is free for 14 days for start! The great news is, it’s only £9/month after your trial ends. That’s £108/year , less than 3 posh coffees a month and way less than the networking groups you’ve heard of.

Plus, you can turn that £9/month into as many new connections as you want to make because there aren’t any limits on the number of Meeow meetings you can attend! What could you turn £9 in to through great networking?

a: Meeow loves Chrome! If you’re joining Meeow, you’ll definitely have the best experience if you use Chrome. We’re working extremely hard every day to make Meeow as compatible as possible with all the major browsers but for now, Chrome is the one!

a: You can book a Meeow in advance, in fact you can book as many Meeows as you like in advance, but that’s not compulsory. Because a new round of Meeows starts every hour, you can just click to join at that time, no booking, no stress, just click and chat. Now what could be easier than that?

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