Victoria Brennan Testimonial
I absolutely love meeow. It's easy to jump on, great fun to be a part of and then there's the opportunities that are created too!
Victoria Brennan , Personal Development Coach

easy as...

  1. tell meeow what you do and where you are
  2. book in advance or just click to join a meeow, on the hour, any hour
  3. meet up to 3 new people every time you’re online networking on meeow
how does meeow work for you
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a supportive space for all

Networking should never simply be about finding new business. Networking is about meeting new people who can add value to you and your business, in lots of different ways.

New connections can help you think about your business differently, give advice, lend support and talk about collaboration. You can do the same in return.

So think differently about networking, especially online networking, and see how meeow can enrich your business life, every day.

join in August for 30 days free
Aidan Campbell Testimonial
meeow has helped me grow and develop my business in the past year. Being able to build meaningful relationships straight away, has also meant that receiving referrals has happened so much quicker. 80% of my clients have either come directly from meeow or from referrals.
Aidan Campbell , HawX Branding

the secret sauce

4 is the magic number

because there's only 4 people in the room, you get the chance to have real conversations and let others get to know you and your business. Follow ups are easy with the meeow contact lists, "Continue the conversation" options and LinkedIn integration. You might only talk for an hour but the possibilities are endless.

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networking every hour

1,000 meeows an hour

with meeow, you only have to worry about your own schedule. You can book ahead or drop in because meeows start every hour on the hour, right on your screen. People are meeting right now on meeow, and you could be too!

the power of an hour

conversations that go somewhere

with only 4 in a room, meeow lets you really get to know everyone in the session. Follow-ups are made easy with meeow contact lists, "Continue the conversation" options, and LinkedIn integration. You might only talk for an hour, but the possibilities are endless.

Jon King Testimonial
Meeow isn’t just the best way of networking online, it’s the best way of networking full stop. I’ve made much more meaningful connections that I ever have with big-group, face-to-face events.
Jon King , Envisuals

frequently asked questions

here are just a few of the questions we’ve been asked about Meeow.

Q: how often can I attend a meeting?

As often as you want! A new round of meeows starts every hour, on the hour and no matter how many people want to meet at any one time, meeow will sort them into rooms of no more than 4. There’s no limit to the number of meeows you can attend either so, you can meeow whenever you like, as often as you like, 24 hours a day.

Q: how do you run networking meetings without a host?

meeow has been designed specifically to run a 1 hour networking meeting, between 4 people and give all the prompts and timings that style of meeting needs, automatically. Everyone will have their chance to introduce themselves in a guided 2 min introduction and there are many interactive tools to help you all feel comfortable and get to know one another. You don’t need a host, you just need meeow.

Q: how is meeow different from Zoom or Teams?

This is an easy one. Zoom or Teams don’t introduce you to anyone. You need to find those 3 new people yourself, make the arrangement to meet, compare diaries, send out an invitation link and then get together, some time next week or next month. With meeow, you can meet up to 3 new people with a single click, and you can do it again and again, every hour of every day. Simples.

more FAQs

the new way to network is here.

join hundreds of other networkers just like you on meeow today.

join in August for 30 days free
  • Online, on-demand, on your schedule
  • Designed to build stronger networks
  • 4 people, 1 hour, endless possibilities
  • Networking 24/7, 365
  • Better results through better matches
  • Networking for newbies and experts alike
  • Network worldwide or around the corner
  • Easy follow-up options
  • Make better connections with 4
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